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Letting Go

Posted in Fibroid Relief News

Let’s face it, even with the most extreme type-A, control freak-a-zoid personality (ahem, you talkin’ to me?) there are occassions that we must surrender; letting others take the reigns from our tightly clenched hands. Contemplating  and analyzing your daily everyday coming-n-going, in order to  merely exist, inherently requires one to relinquish control–a web of cooperation means that co-existance is quite possible. Hey, just imagine a world without that built-in trust, hmmmmm: you would never ever drive anywhere ( those lines in the road are hardly protective barriers),  you would never ever ever use an elevator ( “wonder if the cable-guy greased it enough?”), or  you may never ever purchase anything edible (“poisin-schmoisin, this time, i wonder?”)…extreme examples, perhaps, but the point is–we simply must release our hold on control, learn to cooperate (pass the proverbial clicker) so we might take that next crucial step..LIVING!!!

Submission is essential and becomes blatantly exposed when a health issue has you in a stranglehold of deadend choices. Seeing doctor after doctor after doctor after doctor (8 in all) , never changed the appointment outcome—ALL had the same ear-piercing mantra, “hysterectomy..hysterectomy..hysterectomy.” Enough already, yikes!  Preserving my uterus was hard work, until….Dr. Suzanne LeBlang, neuroradiologist and human-being extraordinaire, came into the picture.  Explaining my plight to her, i felt like Dorothy when she first met the Good Witch, i was cookoo cookoo cookoo with fibroid-brain frustration. Dr. LeBlang listened, was gentle, and was not trying to push HER  agenda for me. Instead, she gave me a choice in this matter and indicated that any option that I choose, would be the correct one.  It was then that I felt a cloud lift and clarity took over the problem. I was ready for Dr. LeBlang to “control” the focused ultrasound procedure on my mean-old-fibroid and be rid of it for ever. I traded that fibroid (with that procedure) for a memorable lesson in submission/ control/ and surrender…Hmmmmm, sometimes ugly ugly ugly packages (fibroid) have wonderful gifts inside (life lessons).  Dr. LeBlang, I know your ears are ringing right now!!  You are a Goddess-I really love you!!

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