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All For One And One For All

Posted in Fibroid Relief News

Unless you have been living a life akin to Rip Van Winkle, you certainly know that our health care system has a chronic disintegrating ailment — that if not tended to NOW, will completely flat line!!  How to heal this ailing system is the zillion dollar question.
I, lil’ ol’ me, in no way shape or form can lay claim to the secret-solving answer. But, I will attempt to whittle  down this monolith of complexity by carving out some basic tenets that coincide with the core of my ethical beliefs, through employing the K.I.S.S method (keep-it-simple-stupid!)
As clear to me as an unmuddied lake, is the premise that EVERYONE deserves comprehensive health care. That health care is a human right, not just a privilege. A right that SHOULD be granted in an ethical, moral, and loving society that professes civility at every turn.
To create this premise into a concrete reality from the dreamlike idealism of its birth, we must look closely at some facts…..
—A handful of for-profit insurance companies dominate most geographical markets in this country — no competition, means higher costs. Single-payer Federally-backed health care would end this problem.
Profits of investor-owned insurance companies spend 35% of all their money on administrative costs, billing errors, paperwork, CEO’s salary and company payout profits to stockholders. Single-payer Federally-backed health care would allow for 400 billion dollars in savings — enough to provide comprehensive health care to all!
—The United States spends twice as much per capita on health care as all other countries, AND, we are the only major country without a health care program. We rank 37th in the health care outcome, including infant mortality, longevity and chronic disease. We are 72nd in overall health of the population. Single-payer Federally-backed health care would eliminate these statistical atrocities.
—Doctors and nurses are trained to provide care, not to fill out the myriad of forms that has become their norm. Single-payer Federally-backed health care would eliminate this wasteful chore AND, put an end to the “pre-existing” excuse of not allowing for provisional care.
—Three-fourths (3/4ths!) of all dollars spent on the nations health is for chronic conditions that include heart disease and diabetes. Providing Single-payer Federally-backed health care would allow for pro-active primary care, as well as, preventive educational care (eat-right, exercise, stress adjustment etc) as the corrective norm.
—The United States pays the highest dollar amount for drugs — higher than any other country. This big-money interest would be eliminated with a Single-payer Federally-backed health care system.
—Seventy-five percent (75%!) of all personal bankruptcies have occurred because of a medical issue that amounted to unaffordable totals. We, collectively, pay for this. Single-payer Federally-backed health care would eliminate all of this.
—Of all the major countries in the world, only the United States businesses are burdened with the weight of  providing health insurance for its employees. With Single-payer Federally-backed health care business would be free from this balance sheet noose, AND have more money to hire workers and  expand their business function.
As a civilized society, that wishes to live beyond the 21st century, we simply must provide the very basic rights of comprehensive health care to each and every HUMAN BEING. In order for a socially integrated society to prosper, remember this basic notion…we are only as strong as the weakest among us!!

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