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Feelings on…Fibroid Relief At Last Event, Chicago – Next week!

Posted in Fibroid Relief News

With one week left till our Event in Chicago, I find myself feeling a flurry of different things.

There’s a little bit of those nerves of excitement and anticipation one feels before a first date – hoping they show, hoping I am my very best me, and that everyone has a great experience and wants to do it again.

Then there are the feelings that are more parental in nature, maybe proud is the right word…Fibroid Relief has grown from merely a vision a year ago into an organization with hundreds of members all over the world.  It seems like the Chicago Event is the beginning of our coming out party as we share our message to increase awareness and access for Fibroid Sufferers throughout the world.

I also feel an immense amount of gratitude to all that have been involved to date for stories shared, efforts made, support given, and the rich feeling of warmth that can only come from knowing that the energy given out was both needed and well-received.

And lastly, there’s the sense of hope – that this is simply the beginning.  I believe so strongly in the power of education, awareness and access to wellness for all, and hope with every fiber of my being that our mission at Fibroid Relief has the power to be the beginning of something truly beautiful – change.  Change for all women – for mothers, sisters, daughters, their families, and maybe even eventually change in healthcare.

Please share information about the Event with anyone you know in the Chicago area – spread the word, and help us continue to do the same.


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