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When Is Enough…Enough?

Posted in Fibroid Relief News

With front page headlines, news-talk radio shows, and the blog-o-sphere on constant-chatter-mode opining incessantly about the state of our health care system, honestly, I know full well you don’t want to read yet another blathering-bloggers bunch of  bull…but…
I am in a quandary, and, I am having  a real tug-of-war with a rope of thoughts that are beginning to give me a mental-fray-down! I have never been able to reconcile with the construct that our healers ((doctors)) would use healing as a motive for profit-making. The notion that a doctor would treat a patient, or would/could be motivated for any reason, other than the will-to-heal, is so foreign and upsetting to me. I know, I KNOW, I live with fanciful ideals, but surely this must make you a tad-bit uncomfortable too??
It was necessary for me  to see 7 doctors before one of them would offer me a solution other than surgery… this is very telling, and I am beginning to feel an uncomfortable-wonder!! I do believe our Age Of Greed has poisoned the last bastion involving the innocence of altruistic work… ie.,our doctors in practice!!  A diamond-in-the-rough exception, however, is Dr. Suzanne LeBlang. In fact, Dr. LeBlang is practicing her dream ~~ her skills are world-reknowned, her compassion and wonderfully caring way are totally trust-inducing, AND… she is a salaried employee!  Hmmmmm…!
It was only a generation ago that the AMA guidelines forbade doctors to: advertise or market themselves; sell any drugs that they prescribed; own a financial interest in a lab, hospital or in machinery for the purpose of performing  tests.  In fact,way back in those dark ages, a doctors’ sole source of income was in the arena of patient care…sigh!
Now doctors are exploring all kinds of new avenues for  profit-making-while healing! Market-driven medicine is a bankrupt idea, both literally and figuratively!
Financial incentives are exploding with  more more MORE ~~ more procedures performed, more tests performed, more questionable abnormalities found, more surgeries incurred, and more advertising to the “well patient” so as to find something to bank on! The medical-industrial-complex has ARRIVED, and ((gosh I am nauseous typing this)) our healers are holding the reigns!
Our doctors are perversely interwoven with pharmaceutical companies, hospital and teaching medical centers, bio-tech companies, surgical centers,diagnostic centers and manufacturers of medical devices. Am I just too Polly Anna in thinking that this medical-industrialized-complex and, that profiteering from the suffering sick, is just not KOSHER??
As my memory hearkens back to those “my-way-or-the-highway” doctors that I visited when seeking a solution to my fibroid, I am feeling deeply disturbed to be pondering  in such a distrustful manner. BUT, then why was surgery their only offering?? Was it a way to make more money at my expense?  Certainly there were  options for treating a fibroid other than  the good ol’ slice-and-dice! I just can’t believe that this is the state of affairs with which we and our health care system have come to. Pitiful, just pitiful.
Certainly, having all healthcare professionals on a salary rather than on an incentive-based payroll, does make  moral and ethical sense, and probably would make monetary sense in the long run too.  But how do we get there?? I am not sure! BUT.. I do know,  that the illusion of acquiring more and more stuff ((abundance))  AND, that that will somehow add to you becoming meaningfully happy, must be the first paradigm shift in a greed-is-good world. When we can honestly say, “ENOUGH is ENOUGH,” then, we just may be on the REAL road to recovery.

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