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Can’t We All Just Get Along…And SING!

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It’s a raucous riot of ridiculousness, this overloaded heaviosity “out there!” Whew, dicey as ever in the world-of-discussion and debate. “Health Care!”…ssshhhhh…not too loud, as the mere mention of the word/issue has everyone in their en-garde stance, positioned for a duel of word jousting, even amongst friends!
Lest anyone forget, we ALL have opinions and we all have a**holes. Hmmmmm! So can we just PLEASE lighten-up and…oh, I don’t know…uh, SING!! I love love love musicals and have been known to break-out in revelries song at the drop of a word! Hey, at least songs are “universal,” because lawd knows universal health care has been axed. And music has the perspicacious ability to inform, touch your soul and de-stress you…all, in the same beat.
I declare an intermission…time to take a breather from all of the heady nastiness that has become an incessant overture of negativity when important discussions arise.
Ladies and gentlemen…we need a musical!! Without ((much)) further ado, I present my “take” regarding one of the KEY elements ((of health care)) that we could all agree upon. PREVENTION!!
Prevention = discipline + knowledge. Prevention allows each of us to captain our bodies journey AND to assume most of the responsibility that involves our health ~~ NOT a doctor or a pill, forsooth!
Nary-a-one of us ever wishes to become a patient, and certainly, all of us want to live till we die!! Sooo, no more Wendy Berra-isms…on with the show!!
NOTE: The following “Prevention” musical parody is sung to the tune of “Tradition.” Enjoy!

Workout day, not night and breakout in a sweat
Pump your heart and muscles, do your daily reps
And you have the right as master of your bod
To work it till it’s A-topnotch…

Everyday and night you must make a proper choice
To feed yourself with raw and cooked
And you must avoid the highly over processed
Junk that they think’s real food…

You must lead the way to eliminate the sugars
Hold off on the carbs and stop the bubbly soda
And you may have to say “OY”
To too much of the soy
To keep an even-keeled hormone

And now you must avoid those crazy GMO’s
Monsanto will not label
They do stuff under the table
So you must find the way and stop this at all cost
For our hormones will surely rust

Who during the day must find a little sun
Or take a daily dose of vitamin D3
It really is essential in warding off diseases
And helping you to fight all ills

Who day and night must research a good treatment
Feed my brain and bod and take my daily vits
I who have the right as master of my uterus
to have the final word for me
The Patient…The Patient…The Patient…

Who must know the way to grow
The proper greens, the nutritious ones, organic ones
Who must train the family
And cook at home
So we’re free from a chemical hook
The Carer…The Carer…The Carer

At 3 I ate bologna meat
At 10 I loved The Del
By 16 I knew WHAT to do
Forever to avoid health-hell

Okay I know I am corny, but for just this moment in time, you were kinda uplifted, right??!! The beauty of song in our everyday comings-and-goings, ahhh buoyant blissfulness!!
Before you leave to partake in another glorious day ((with this tune as a constant reminder,)) allow me to add one more axiom to this whole idea of “prevention.” All of us must participate in fixing-the-hole in our health care’s broken, seemingly terminal, system…BEFORE it implodes! The “prevention” idea with rewards for both patient and doctor ((incorporating healthy lifestyles as a positive goal,)) has been bandied about since the 60’s, and frankly, should be our “new” focus!! We can no longer be Sisyphus with our health and its functionality…pro-active prevention is the moniker of this day forward!
Prevention…Prevention…Prevention…(la la la la) 😉

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