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A Year Of Words-On-‘Roids…Fibroids That is!

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A year revealed in one liners (taken from each of my weekly postings) is how I wish to culminate this, one of the wordiest-Wendy-years ever! So as we bid adieu to 2009 and anxiously start carving out “our” 2010, I present to you “A Year Of Words-On-Roids…Fibroids That is!” (I have taken one quoted thought from each of my order..starting with my very first blog, and continuing through to last Friday’s posting!)

I lost a good chunk of that time (10 years) both waking up and going to sleep with fibroid-brain…angst, indeed!

Living in these “times,” science seems to be making advances at warped-speed and, because of this swiftness of discovery, I was given pause to ask the ever-present question, “What If??”

Frustration seems to be the humming angst of a thoroughly modern society. Sometimes a simple problem, or rather a problem that seems to have an easy solution, requires the expertise of Houdini’s principles to navigate to “its” resolution.

I realize now, that anything and anyone is just a mere click away. No more six-degrees of separation, we have whittled this down to three-degrees, at most!

Truly this is the beginning, this year, that fibroid awareness will be wholly inculcated in our everyday nomenclature — this will lead to informed choice, which will bring empowerment and give-way to contentment.

WARNING…WARNING…becoming your own patient advocate, in a storm of uncertainty, “un”control, rapid change and mini-battles (with looming figures in white coats), is quite daunting, indeed.

Hmmmmmmm, sometimes ugly ugly ugly packages (fibroids) have wonderful gifts inside (life lessons!)

Come on you guys the universe is millions of years old, which in the final analysis, makes every individual’s stay on earth, merely a short weekend (albeit, a jam-packed one!)

Did you know that 80% of all women around the globe are afflicted with uterine fibroids??

Using a synthetic estrogen in the production of our food containers, should have raised the red flag (and any other color flag,) that this is b-a-d!

The deposit that you make in your health today, will influence your health right now, as well as lots of tomorrows. It costs WAY more to fix all of our dis-ease, than to prevent it from occurring in the first place. housed both kids so motherly and gently. Time to pushed them out, with no charge for the rently.

It turns out that a symptomatic fibroid is NOT just an innocuous “bump!”

I love love love what the nature goddess and I have created…we are synergistic through our toiling and borrow strength from each…but, again, new eyes help one to see old sights!

What does this say about a society, that for 48 years a stunning voice lay mute and unrecognized for its true loveliness? That her talent was invisible for decades, because no one REALLY LOOKED at her. (Susan Boyle)

There are certain mainstays that were seeded, germinated and ritualized at the entry of our “wonder” years…ever so gently morphing into the solid bricks and mortar that comprise our “life’s-building (us)…

The procedure is called focused ultrasound, and simply stated, it zapped my fibroid into the nether reaches of the universe!

Education is a daunting task, and with regards to, it has proved itself to be monolithic in its noble and scholarly pursuit. A new and innovative procedure to become the “now norm,” must dance a display that seems torturous for the desperately waiting patient.

Dr. Oz informed all of us, that in fact the number one reason for morbidity in this great country of ours, leans squarely on the shoulders of HOSPITAL ERRORS!

As the captain of my body’s control-panel, and with the fibroid handicapping the hull, I was in a “may-day may-day” state…constantly.

Someone once said that the three most important words were “location location location.” However, I beg to differ. As the three words that FibroidRelief has deemed to be the most important are “education education education.”

The economy is crumbling faster than an overly larded pie crust whose flaky wake, is giving all of us a good dusting.

Unless you have been living a life akin to Rip Van Winkle, you certainly know that our healthcare system has a chronic disintegrating ailment, that if not attended to now, will completely flat-line.

We can not escape chemicals completely, that we know…but we can reduce our exposure and scream from the roof-tops that, “we know the truth and we will NOT have BPA shoved down our throats, forsooth!”

Artificially inserting genes into the DNA of food crops from gene bacterias, gene viruses, insect genes, animal genes and even HUMAN genes…is so radical and scary-futuristic-bazzaro-world…and it involves modifying the product (crop) at its’ essence ~~ the GENE!

Metrocracy now!…fix all ills…How? Metrocracy

Campaign finance reform must occur BEFORE any of these elected officials would be willing to take off their moneyed-color-glasses, and vote with their HEARTS! To vote as if each and every decision that they made, would directly effect someone that they love.

My crystal-ball-perspective of a HIFU-future, is one that not only will hysterectomy seem barbaric and so old-school-19th-century…but, all surgeries will eventually become obsolete.

If obesity, with all of its unhealthful side issues, is allowed to continue at this rate, our healthcare system will be completely kaput..finis.. wiped out!

Hey, I have a novel idea! Let’s ALL demand to be covered by the exact same plan that insures our members of Congress!!

I would like to defend menopause for a moment (it really should be called “women-o-pause”..but I digress)…I love being in menopause!

It was necessary for me to see 7 doctors before one of them would offer me a solution other than surgery…this is very telling, and I am beginning to feel an uncomfortable-wonder!

Today I am prone to listening and exploring with TWO thoughtful ears. One with a scientific imperative, and one with an innocent childlike fantasmagorical ideal…insisting that (for example,) thought-waves are as forceful as sound waves are!

Who day and night must research a good treatment…feed my brain and bod and take my daily vits…I who have the right as master of my uterus to have the final word for me…the patient..the patient..the patient (sung to “Tradition”)

But, alas, I also belong to a classification that I clearly despise having membership to… the symptom-experiencing 25-percenters.OY!!

Come on you brilliant out-of-the-box thinkers, let’s get it out of our heads that “it’s our way or the highway!”

Love…the grace we give one another..earned merely by virtue of our shared burnt-carbon composition..”we are stardust” united as one..and.. one in a gazillion bazillion..the only one! (taken from a poem I wrote)

Yes, it bares repeating, because gosh darn-it, if we continue to be a country filled with so much pure villainous-vile towards another because of skin-color, why we will implode.

Why are we the only country that allows the advertising of pharmaceuticals to its citizens? They are allowed to brainwash us into thinking that we are ALL ill…we just haven’t realized it yet! WHY?

Sigh…maybe it is my age, but I find myself daydreaming of the simple ’70’s! A time when righteous-indignation could actually be applied to an issue, and a simple resolution would occur right before your eyes!

When a women is diagnosed with a fibroid, the good news is that 75% of the time she will never even have a teeny-weeny symptom. The bad news is that 25% of you with fibroids will be symptomatic.

17 muscles used in a smile..43 in a frown, hmmmmmm..just one sunny uterus!

DR. Wild was instrumental (perfect word!) for developing a piece of equipment that changed the course of my life and countless millions…it was high frequency sound waves, or ultrasound.

Whew! There! I have held it in for way too long…41 years as a compliant, non-proselytizing, quiet-living vegetarian…whew! Indulge me please, as I am beginning to free myself from the grip of the immoral-meat-masticating-majority…(and on I went)

Geez, it is mind-boggling and purely crazy, trying to balance the human-parallel-lines of giving/hedonism and loving/surviving…”it” shakes and burglarizes your every conscious moment!

But, if eaten in its fermented form, it is not only an excellent healthy food choice for our bodies, but it is also excellent (indirectly) for the planet, for animals, for pollution-control and for our moral-compass-fibers…the ol’ yin/yang!!

Sooo, the big pink-elephant-in-the-room-question that has yet to be solved or answered concretely, is…”WHY is this magnificent procedure NOT yet covered by the insurance companies!?”

Congrats: living your degree arrives daily..capping each as life-time many doors to open School Of Human Life..compassion shared, tethered one-to-one-to-one.

Humans are capable of making thousands of units of D3 within minutes of whole-body-exposure to sunlight. And I might add, just knowing the wonders of nature, it is unlikely such a system evolved by chance!! I am just sayin’!!

By becoming your own patient advocate, it is my belief that all aspects involved in the healthcare industry (yes, it is an industry) will become much more personalized, and will allow for a much quicker turn-around time when it comes to policy-making and approval-issuing with regards to state-of-the-art treatment choices.

Knowing full-well that the cacophony of “must-do’s” pierce the soul daily…injustice and need at every turn…I urge you to just pick one! …And as I pursue this driven course, deep in the recesses of the echoing past, a beautiful whispering voice sings to me, “Remember the ladies”

She sprang to her feet; to her team a big whistle..and up they all flew, like the down of a thistle..and I heard Doc explain, “fibroid’s not in sight”..happy I had FUS, and for all, it is so SO right!

Well, there ya have my mad-mouthed-musings for the year 2009! Thankyou all for visiting FibroidReleif as often as you do and helping to spread-the-word. Healthy New Year! See you in 2010!!

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