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2010 – the Year of WELL

Posted in Fibroid Relief News

Hi Everyone!

Tis the season for New Year’s Resolutions…and as usual, I’m thinking wellness. But for once it’s not so much about LOSS or MORE (weight-loss & exercise more), but being WELL. To me this means being mindful of what I eat, thoughtful in how I care for myself, and prioritizing my health so 2010 is a year of WELL for me.

Fibroid causes are unknown and although research does not – yet – link their growth to your diet, exercise, or how much you sleep, there’s something in me that says that the more WELL we are, the better we can at least handle dis-ease in life.  Awareness about fibroids is part of the process of taking care – as is our motto, information is power and being well is caring for your Self first and foremost so that you can tackle whatever the year has ahead, with strong mind and spirit. I hope you’ll consider making 2010 the year of WELL for you too – and the year of putting your wellness first and foremost…from education to action, dialogue to support, and rest to relief.

Happy New Year to you all!

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