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Great Wall Street Journal Article on Fibroid Treatments Today

Posted in Fibroid Relief News

There is a great focus piece in this mornings Wall Street Journal on uterine fibroids.  It’s main focus is on Radiofrequency (RF) ablation, a minimally invasive treatment which ablates fibroids in a manner similar to Focused Ultrasound, yet the author fails in accurately depicting Focused Ultrasound (more to follow with a comment directly to the WSJ page).

In RF ablation, three small incisions are created in the abdomen to insert a laparoscope (to guide the procedure) an ultrasound probe (to visualize the fibroid) and the RF probe which is inserted directly into the fibroid to heat and ablate it.

Halt Medical is enrolling patients in a clinical trial to assess this treatment option for fibroids at six medical centers in the U.S., two in Mexico and one in Guatemala.  For more information, check out the WSJ article.

For accurate information about Focused Ultrasound – check out About Focused Ultrasound on Fibroid Relief.

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