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“OOOPS!” Sorry

Posted in Fibroid Relief News

Time to admit the error of my ways!
To quote my darling 17 month old granddaughter whenever any miss-take occurs in her world (ie: dropping goodies up-‘n-over the highchair table,)  an expressive audibly-adorable reaction punctuates the air…”OOOPS!!”
I would like to apologize for my behavior regarding my blatant bias and undeniable prejudice (and avoidance) when discussing/writing about fibroid treatment choices. Choices, Wendy, choices…”OOOPS!”
I confess: I wear prejudiced-bias-HIFU-glasses when any reasonable argument is aired for consideration of ousting those supercilious symptomatic fibroids from their comfy uterine home! I am slanted and myopic and blinded by the fantabulous results that occurred because HIFU ablated that ginormous unwelcomed fibroid “visiter”…forever!
I’m not being “punny” when I tell you that I do get laser-like in my exuberance when SOMEthing works so successfully ~~ I simply want everyone to experience that same elation. Sorry.
So in the spirit of donning TWO hats, now I will act as both cheerleader for my beloved HIFU and, I will become the open-minded orator ~~ disseminating with gusto ALL treatment choices. As if struck by a lightening bolt of realization, I now understand that every woman’s needs/situations regarding their treatment options for fibroids, must be individualized. Ladies, here are your options:
1. Watchful-waiting
2. Symptom management
3. Hormone antagonists (blockers)
4. Myomectomy
5. Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE)
6. Radiofrequency ablation
7. MR guided Focused Ultrasound (MRgFUS or HIFU)
8. Hysterectomy

Those are your choices…that’s my revelation! In the next blog, I will expand (with lot’s of information) each of these eight options. Be well…;-)

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