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Ahhh, Fibroid Relief…At Last

Posted in Fibroid Relief News

Viewing the road that lead(s) one to an end goal can be enlightening AND jarring…but for darn sure, full of teachable moments. And so, connecting all of the rutted, as-well-as, all of the smooth dots that my body’s tires rolled over ‘n over across one long  fibroided super-highway…I am finally home in the parking lot of gratitude!
To all of you that are just now embarking (because of a fibroid diagnosis) on your fibroid-riddled road, I am delighted that you have found We are ALL here to help you navigate the trevails of having a symptomatic fibroid-uterus. In fact, just think of as your GPS ~~ your guide to a successful and happy (fibroid) ending!  Fibroid Relief…at last!!

F ~ Found a walnut size invader…a fibroid Darth Vader, forsooth!
I ~ Imagination had me reeling from this lump. Not so funny where the minds-eye takes you with an unknown
B ~ Boy was I relieved, “only a fibroid in there.” Boy was I wrong “only a fibroid”…such despair.
R ~ Really really starting to experience the symptoms. Like  high-pitched outta tune violin strums!
O ~ Oy, beyond annoying, painful indeed! This once teeny tiny fibroid seed.
I ~ I have to do something, for its growing and growing. But what? Ugh, all this unknowing.
D ~ Dr. #1 visit, Dr. #2, Dr. #3… all recommended a hysterectomy!

R ~ Ran out of Dr. #4’s office at lightening-speed. Again, a Dr. not thinking of my (apparent) need!
E ~ Elapse of time grew, so too that ferocious fibroid. Please! Save my uterus from becoming a void!
L ~ Languishing of time, with nary a treatment option…at least not one that I would not shun.
I ~ Invasive treatment options are not for me. Is no one listening?! Can no one see!?
E ~ Each passing day turned quickly to years. A small glum sadness had me free-flowing the tears.
F ~ Fibroids are troubling and so dang pervasive. My gosh, not one Dr. had info persuasive.

A ~ All my web-searching seemed so invain, until…finally the FDA put HIFU in the game!
T ~ This looked to me like something I could do. A solution to my decade of much-ado.

L ~ Love love love the idea, of closing this long unhappy chapter. If HIFU is IT, I will cheer from the rafters.
A ~ And so I made the appointment to see, if focused ultrasound is the right treatment for me.
S ~ Suzanne Le Blang, my DR., told me “We can ablate this, using my background…radiology!”
T ~ Terrific! She did it! She ablated with HIFU my football-sized lump. I raised my arms high, did a fist-in-the-air excitement pump!!

The fantabulous news for all of you that have found, is that you are able to cruise around this site and find all of the information that you will ever need…when it applies to FIBROIDS! And, don’t forget about all of the up-coming (global) events…Fibroid Relief  At Last…[sigh]…at last!!

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