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Health Reform, Women, Learning More…and doing something!

Posted in Fibroid Relief News

I’ve been particularly interested in learning more about the health care reform initiatives…although it seems like all we’ve heard is unnecessary propaganda and ‘solutions’ that simply shift the system rather than fix it’s core problems associated with quantity-driven metrics rather than quality-driven solutions (soap box warning).  On a personal level, I’ve had my own rants when birth control pills are not covered on my plan but were I to become pregnant they would cover labor and delivery costs, or better yet because erectile dysfunction is a diagnosable condition they would cover Viagra for men…riddle me that Batman?!?  This rant resurfaces frequently…

So, I’ve taken to funneling these rants into reading and learning more about the reform initiatives but more importantly, how I can be one of the many that together can affect change in this system for women.  The National Women’s Law Center has some fantastic facts and information, as well as ways to get involved by Contacting your Congress-person.

I was particularly interested in their Why Women Need Health Reform Fact Sheet that emphasizes that “Women Struggle to Find Coverage for the Benefits They Need”….most of you out there know exactly how true this concept is….sigh….

I think we may have found ourselves a great group to partner with on this….more to come…


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