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These boots were made for walkin….through the SNOW!

Posted in Fibroid Relief News

At Fibroid Relief we’ve been snowed in off and on for much of the month.  It’s in this weather we find ourselves in a funk over the unexpected changes this creates for our schedules…no cars, no clear roads, canceled workdays, rescheduling, rescheduling again, and again, and AGAIN!!

It’s strange how much this reminds me of the way a diagnosis of Fibroids swoops into a woman’s life and disrupts….well, everything!

Dealing with Fibroids in general has so many analogies to a snow-storm it’s uncanny…the lack of access to normal things in life,no clear path, canceled workdays, rescheduling, rescheduling again, and again, and AGAIN!!

Fibroid Relief would like to serve a role similar to your favorite pair of snow boots (for me that’s my knee-high wellies) in that we help you navigate this treacherous path with the awareness that it might get – heck, might already be – yucky and difficult to traverse.  You’re going to have to negotiate your way around or through puddles and may have to shovel out a new path to find your way to the treatment option that’s right for you.  And the storm may come again in different forms like finding the right doctor to dealing with insurance companies.  It may get stormy as you navigate your way through life around the time when you do finally find the right option for you. 

But just like those wellies by the front door….we’re here when you need us and can help negotiate the treacherous path during the storm.

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