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Bye Bye Ablated Fibroid

Posted in Fibroid Relief News

As  a patient advocate for,  one of my very favoritest parts of the “job” is speaking (one-to-one) with women that are in need of  answers when it comes to all-things-fibroid!  The single most asked question is, “How long will I start seeing the results of my HIFU fibroid treatment?”
Having been treated successfully with Focused Ultrasound, I answer the question strictly from my point-of-view. I am NOT a doctor, and I always begin my answers by urging them to ask their own doctor all of their inquiries. But that being said, we can all learn through someone else’s experience! So today’s blog will specifically cover what happens AFTER Focused Ultrasound treated my big-ol’-fibroid!

What happens to the necrotic (dead) cells of a fibroid?
Well, the human body has amazing systems to rid itself of these dead fibroid cells. Simply put, there are scavenger cells (white blood cells,) called macrophages, that remove the dead cells by eating them!! In fact, macrophage means “big eater” in Greek! When there are an overabundance of these dead cells, as is the case with an ablated fibroid, the macrophages take on the mission of breaking down the excess so that the body can continue functioning. According to my readings, macrophages detect dead cells through smell, they then surround the cell and convert them into easily removed components. The macrophage covers the dead cell with a substance (antigen) that “tags” the cell for further attack from the body’s immune system! Now, the macrophages and their “pals” from the immune system, send the “digested” body’s dead cells through the bloodstream and into the digestive tract for the final bye-bye…a bon voyage for dead fibroid cells!! Done!

Immediately after my HIFU treatment I would say that my fibroid was ANGRY as all get-out. It felt large and hard and mean. It wasn’t until the second or third day that I felt the darn thing begin to surrender and start it’s journey of dismantling itself …with the help of the macrophages and my immune system. That is where I came in and helped my own immune system in ridding the necrotic cells, quickly.
Immune boosting is the single most important factor in well-being, both for maintenance and after a procedure of any kind. Here’s what I did then, and basically what I do everyday.
Drink water…lots of it (with lemon)…this will help the liver, who is on extra extra-duty at this time!
Exercise…sweat, sweat, sweat out all of the waste!
De-stress in any enjoyable fashion…very important, especially after a treatment of any sort.
Foods…try to eat organic, non-gmo, un-hormoned…lot’s of healing foods like: apples, beets, carrots, onion, garlic, spinach, bitter greens and all the cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts.)
Supplements…I do take D3, cod liver oil, curcumin, C, B’s, and EGCG(green tea).
Of course check with your doctor or health practitioner, but, this is what I did and my ginormous ablated fibroid was un-detectable within just a few short months. I firmly believe in HELPING the body (on “loan” to you) do it’s best job…the miracle of “running like a well oiled clock!”
Be well, you definitely have a hand in it!!

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