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“Better patients make better doctors”

Posted in Fibroid Relief News

I am currently reading the latest edition of O Magazine. I came across a list of Dr. Oz’s “10 things I know for sure”. One of them says the following:

“Better patients make better doctors” – People are often hesitant to challenge their doctor, but a good patient is someone who raises her hand and says “I don’t understand this” or “This isn’t working for me.” Your physician will be able to take the knowledge she gains from your open, honest dialogue and pass it on to the next person she treats.

This is something we at Fibroid Relief have always encouraged women to do. To take an active role in their care. To have an open and honest discussion with their physician, and to know that it is OK to say, I’m not sure that this is the best thing for me. We are so glad to see Dr. Oz giving this advice to women also!

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