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Focused Ultrasound…Insure IT Already!!!

Posted in Fibroid Relief News

When I was told by our agent, while we were in the process of  purchasing a new health  insurance plan (8 yrs. ago), that my pre-existing condition (a fibroid) would prohibit me from being reimbursed for a hysterectomy, I laughed and assured him that in NO way would I ever ever consider giving up my beloved uterus! A hysterectomy (in my view) meant hospitals, and anesthesia, and tubes ‘n needles, and blood loss galore, and 6 weeks to 2 years of recuperation, and a lifetime of adverse side-effects after a uterus extraction…don’t worry I was not going through all of THAT for a benign condition! Heck no!
What I did not know at the time was, that this fibroid would grow and grow and grow to the size of a 5-6 month fetus. And since the hysterectomy was out-of-the-question, after years of suffering, I found a non-invasive (uterus-sparing) treatment choice that could rid me of this awful horrible fibroid. Focused ultrasound would/could be the perfect treatment~~ a non-invasive option. Yes!
Focused Ultrasound was approved in 2004 for the treatment of fibroids and I am here to tell ya that it works! It works beautifully! But, it is not yet insured! You can have a perfectly safe, effective, non-invase treatment to zap a fibroid (focused ultrasound) but it is not insured…does this make any sense!? NO!!
I was very fortunate, as I was  able to extend my payments with a Care Credit credit card, so that over the course of a year I payed the $10,000 to “get my life back!” And of course it was worth it… but that is not the point!!
Why is this procedure NOT covered by insurance? Why, if given the choice of non-invasive (focused ultrasound) versus invasive (hysterectomy), do women only get to “pick” the invasive procedure? It absolutely makes no sense to me, or to the thousands of women that would opt for this procedure as a fibroid treatment over the (invasive) other choices. AND focused ultrasound is less expensive (both pain-‘n-suffering and money-wise) than a hysterectomy or the difficult myomectomy. I just don’t understand the reasoning!
I scream loudly about this (insurance) inconsistancy not only because I never want another woman to suffer (like I did), but because focused ultrasound is not getting it’s due “attention”!! I truly believe that if it (focused ultrasound) was covered by insurance, it would be the number one option (if all other patient criterias were met) chosen by women to treat a fibroid.
Focused ultrasound also has other exciting treatment applications for: breast cancer, prostate cancer, brain cancer, lung cancer liver and kidney cancer…all being used right now! But in order for focused ultrasound to become “mainstream” it must become coverable by these (darn) insurance companies…it has to happen!
I believe that it will take both the doctor AND the patient to demand that the insurance companies begin to cover focused ultrasound. Focused ultrasound is here…it is here to stay…it is here to save lives (from suffering)…INSURE IT ALREADY!!!!!

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Wendy is a patient advocate for Fibroid Relief. She had fibroids and was treated with Focused Ultrasound.