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Fibroid Relief At Last Event Draws Record Crowd

Posted in Fibroid Relief News


Fibroid Relief conducted its third and most successful free public information event on uterine fibroids on April 27 at the Marriott Marina del Ray in Los Angeles. Over 125 women attended “Fibroid Relief At Last,” an interactive program featuring UCLA clinicians, a naturopathic doctor and well-known patient advocate, Erin. “We received very positive feedback from participants,” says Tina Krall, executive director of Fibroid Relief. “The audience asked a lot of amazing questions and many of them stayed after the program to engage directly with our panelists.”

Krall said one participant was so moved by the information she received that she planned to cancel an upcoming hysterectomy and explore treatment options discussed at the event.

“She had no idea that other treatments were available and might offer better outcomes for her,” Krall explains.

Fibroid Relief At Last events educate women about uterine fibroids and current treatment options, including focused ultrasound. Previous programs were held in 2009 in Chicago and London.  The LA event was also the first to include a discussion of alternative medicine. “Fibroid Relief is a patient-centric organization. We added this topic because of the interest level indicated by questions submitted by patients to our website and Facebook page,” Krall notes. “Questions asked at the event indicate that women are interested in using complimentary and natural therapies in tandem with traditional medical treatments. Adding a naturopathic doctor to the program really rounded out the spectrum of treatment options available today.”

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