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Maybe This Will Be The Week

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Mother’s Day marked the start of National Women’s Health Week.  May 9th thru May 15th (this week) has been  designated  as THE time allotted for all women to evaluate and put into action their pursuits toward living a healthier life. However, unless you have been living ‘under a rock,’ I do believe that the recommendations offered (by the NWHW) are very very basic…and relatively easy enough to achieve. But not to seem too cynical, the health suggestions are…well… okay AND at least there is a ‘spot-light’ shining on the importance of having choices when talking about health and well-being.  I firmly believe that lifestyle (most assuredly)  has much to do with healthy ‘nows’ and healthy ‘futures’!!!  And certainly  prevention, along with educating ourselves towards living-the-healthy-life, can be a great boon towards this goal of being and staying well. BUT, as ‘they’ say, “Stuff happens!!” And don’t I understand THAT all too well!!! 
One of the very reasons for purchasing health insurance is because “stuff happens” AND, also so that one can afford to have a pro-active-hand with doctor visits…as these trips (to the doctor) don’t come at a small cost. Hence  the reason why we purchase insurance, in the first place…oh, just in case!!  But what happens when you need care and your insurance company flat-out denies you and says, “NO!”…what then!?
It turns out that most insurance plans ‘grant’ or ‘deny’ treatment based on whether medical intervention is necessary for the patients well-being, and whether the treatment is appropriate for the patients health condition.
And given those criteria, and that basis for ‘grant’ or ‘deny,’  I absolutely do not (for the life of me) understand why Focused Ultrasound has not been granted the status of  “INSURABLE!!!”
The following are but a few concrete, set in stone, irrefutable and otherwise,  fantabulous reasons why Focused Ultrasound SHOULD be an insured procedure.
♥♥ Remember what Dr. Oz said, “The number one cause of death in America is directly caused by hospital stays!!”  Sooooo, why not offer Focused Ultrasound as an insurable choice to treat fibroids…after all, no hospital is needed for this treatment! 
♥♥ Focused Ultrasound was approved in 2004 for the NON-invasive treatment of fibroids. Its been clinically-trialed AND approved for over 6 years…so let’s get Focused Ultrasound insured, already!
♥♥ It’s effective!! Focused Ultrasound is effective…it ablates those ferocious fibroids AND preserves your uterus with nary a single ‘cut’ to the body. Let’s get Focused Ultrasound insured!
♥♥ It’s ‘Green’ and clean. There is hardly any hazardous-waste as a result of this NON-invasive procedure ~~ Focused Ultrasound. You can not make that claim with ANY of the other procedures!!  Focused Ultrasound is good for the environment…so I say “let’s insure it!!!”
♥♥ It is definately a preventive procedure.  If you ablate  fibroids BEFORE they start causing trouble, with those horrendous symptoms, many many women would be able to participate in ‘life’ so so so much more effectively. Focused Ultrasound should be available and insured, forsooth!!
♥♥ It is cost-effective, both in time and money. Why should a woman’s treatment option be narrowed to  consist (only) of choices that are  invasive…these (invasive) procedures put women out-of-commission for weeks, months and sometimes years! Focused Ultrasound is an outpatient treatment AND if the treatment was insured, the price (cost) would surely go down!!

So in lieu of this monumental National Women’s Health Week, let’s see if we can raise the awareness of one very special and  health-preserving treatment option…Focused Ultrasound!
And for the sake of, as well as the respect to, all women ~~ having available EVERY fibroid-treatment option and insuring ALL procedures ~~ this will honor 51% of the population in wonderful and marvelously-imaginable ways! Let’s insure Focused Ultrasound…let’s get it done!! ♥

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