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The Waiting Game…Is Not Fun!

Posted in Fibroid Relief News

Shocking… right??
The pictures were taken  before and after focused ultrasound treated my ferocious fibroid!
As I posted these photos to the blog ( ALL on my own♥) I am simultaneously rushed and flooded with feelings of both anxiety and gratefullness!!  Just looking at those pictures, I  become reinvested and reinvigorated with the bulls-eye-need to get the word out, that focused ultrasound WORKS! It is a fabulous treatment option for ridding those awful fibroids and getting  ‘one’s life back’!!! It WORKS!!!

Yesterday, in the Science Times (in the New York Times), there was an article pertaining to  the altering of  (standard) treatment when combatting  early breast cancer.  No longer will the ‘standard of care’ be so invasive, intrusive and compacted with ‘over-kill’ radiation doses. The studies are proving that LESS is actually as effective as MORE…and in some cases, better!!!
The problem is, as Dr. Jenniffer K. Litton (a breast cancer specialist at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston,) said the results could change practice but added, “I don’t think this is going to change overnight.”
That simple quote and that simple thought ~~  that even if something proves to be really really positive it is  not always able to percolate quickly through the system and get to the people in need ~~ this is the craziest notion to me, just crazy!

Pertaining to fibroids, I still for the life of me, can not believe that every single OB/GYN does not offer this as a woman’s FIRST defense!! What-the-heck!! But, as Dr. Litton observed, change does not happen overnight. This is so so SO evidenced by the snails-pace (6 years since FDA-approval) that focused ultrasound has had to move (just)  to find  it’s place as a (fabulous) treatment option. It’s nuts, I tell you…nuts!!
Look how huge and ginormous my fibroid grew to be!  Look at the years of pain and anguish that I unnecessarily had to live through!  Look at the ‘wars’ with 7 doctors that I had to partake in just to save what I was born with (and grew to love)…my beloved uterus, forsooth!  Look at at the barbaric-number-one-treatment that is offered for fibroids ‘cure’ each and everytime…hysterectomy!! Hysterectomy  DOES get rid of fibroids (absolutely), but ‘it’  ALSO gets rid of your much needed uterus…what the heck kind of solution is that?? It’s the proverbial ‘throw the baby out with the bath water’ solution…absolutely positively insane (not to mention negatively life-altering!!)!!
Inspite of my screaming right now (as a result of seeing those before-and-after shots, it’s ok…it is,) I really needed to post those pictures so that YOU could/would be able to see the years that I had to fight for my uterus! And millions of   women are involved in the same struggle that I had to endure (and so unnecessary)…trying in desperation to hold onto what is theirs to have…THEIR WHOLE BODY INTACT…without fibroids!!
Let it be known, focused ultrasound WORKS!!
Now,  if we could just get the doctors to offer it AND the insurance companies to insure it…then, and only then, my job will have been  accomplished!! ♥

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