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Here We/I Go Again!

Posted in Fibroid Relief News

“It was a dark and stormy night…”
Alright, it wasn’t!  Hmmmm, wait, let’s see…
“It was an Africa-hot and raindrop-sized sweat-ball-inducing humid Wednesday!”
Well, whatever…the point is, I am under-the-gun (again) and am feeling quite challenged with ‘what to write’ and how to string beaded words into a beautiful sparkly FIBROID-related blog-necklace! One  that YOU might find useful…useful enough anyway, to try on!
By now, you are (way too) familiar with my particular painful plight of desperation to maintain, keep, and hold onto my uterus ~~ 7 doctors and 8 years later ( I was, ultimately, successful) ~~ so I won’t/can’t  bore you with that again!!
And, all of those ‘four score’ blog postings were activated by my sheer laser-like (pun-intended) purpose ~~ that  of empowering  WOMEN and  educating WOMEN and stressing to WOMEN that, YES YOU HAVE OPTIONS…always!! Well, (frankly) that’s been done and iterated and RE-iterated!!
Incorporating the world view within my musings, garnering all of the new and haute-scientific news, adding content to this fabulous (educative) website, ~~ all with a fibroid-related theme ~~ truly, that has been my quest, my goal and my reason-to-write!! But, alas…
I came to the glaring white blank-screened ‘page’ this time, and [nada, zip, goose egg]…I was [blank]! [Blank]…
U-N-T-I-L, the New York Times, Science Times section (‘I love ♫you♫’) had me all a-giggling-giddy with possibilities! YES!!
Oh yes, I found an article! And, not just any article!! I found an article that spoke of the concrete virtues of the ‘wandering mind’!! Oh yes!  And there it was right there before me…all neatly wrapped ready to be opened on that 9th night of Chanukah,  and just when you thought the ‘holiday’ was all but OVER!
Look what I found…

“There is an evolutionary advantage to the brain’s system of mind wandering. While the person is occupied with one task, this system keeps the individual’s larger agenda fresher in mind. It thus serves as a kind of reminder mechanism, thereby increasing the liklihood that the other goal pursuits will remain intact and not get lost in the shuffle of persuing many goals. But you also want to be able to catch yourself at the Eureka moment!”

Well my Eureka moment (at least for this blog) ‘ah-ha-ed’ when I saw the words “persuing many goals”…oh the wandering mind, indeed! For creativity you need your mind to wander when in the persuit of ANY goal…you simply wander productively!
Keeping the general theme of FIBROIDS in (our wandering) mind, please just meander with me for a ‘train-of-ideas’ and thoughts that, at least for today, are not ‘trackless’! Anyway, please be sure to fasten that seatbelt and hold on cause ‘this’ mind is wanderring! H-E-R-E we go…

♥ ♥♥It’s nearly the 4th of July and patriotism abounds…Patriotism has it’s origin with its ‘cousin’, paternalism(whose essence is male-related) a subtle, but life-important inequity (for women)… If  it was named and ‘lived’ in heart-‘n-soul, then Maternalism (not patriotism),  might allow us to live with NO more  “Wars On ~~ everything!”…Testosterone is a very very VERY dangerous drug (in the wrong, ugh, ‘hands’)…If women were more respected (yes, respected), there would not be ridiculous ‘Hysterectomy-Made-Easy’ pamphlets (with drawn cartoon-like characters) so cavalierly handed-out (to a woman) after a fibroid diagnosis (HA! Crazy!)…The non-invasive treatment of Focused Ultrasound is still NOT insured yet, hmmmmmm ~~ I wonder if that was a womans decision?…Women and children (absolutely) should be the utmost top priority of any ‘civilized’ society…It is uncivilized and barbaric to remove a woman’s uterus simply for a benign condition like a fibroid, forsooth!…Women make up 52% of the population, and still, women are NOT offered ALL of their choices/options in EVERYTHING!!♥♥♥  The end (sorta) of my mind-wanderings!
And just to clarify, I LOVE MEN, I really really really love men!!!
But, I love ‘real men’…the gentle and kind and caring and non-violent and nurturing and respectful-of-women (and children) and the kind of maternal-like male…the ‘REAL MEN’…that would try with all of their heart-‘n-soul to save (not rip out) a woman’s uterus. Real ‘gentle’men! Gentlemen!!

Mind wanderings are indeed intersting and valuable, just as  the New York Times spoke of…very very important way to be creative!! Hey, my racing thoughts began with the ‘starting-flag’ of PATRIOTISM and ended with the final lap of OPTIONS FOR WOMEN!!
And I leave you with one important thought…it has been almost 7 years (seven years)  and Focused Ultrasound is still not insured…NOW, is that veryPatriotic?!!? I think NOT!! ♥

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