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Oprah. There, I got your attention!

Posted in Fibroid Relief News

I picked up a copy of the latest edition of Oprah’s Magazine, O, over the weekend.  While I was intrigued by the temptation of 265 UNBELIEVABLE Bargains as described on the cover, I also came across an interesting article about the increasing use of professional patient advocates by patients trying to navigate the health care maze.

The article shared a few tips which I wanted to pass along:

1) Reviewing Treatment Options with Your Physician

Rather than showing up with a stack of papers, patient advocates recommend studying information online prior to your appointment, such as our treatment options chart, and then asking, “I’ve read about this other type of treatment for uterine fibroids. What do you know about it?”

2) Dealing with Your Insurance Company

Write Everything Down! Make sure to capture the date, what you asked, and the information you were provided.  It helps to have a paper trail, especially if you are appealing a denial from your insurance company for Focused Ultrasound.

3) When You Have Been Recently Diagnosed

Patient advocates recommend searching online for an advocacy group for your specific disease or condition. Since you’re already reading my blog, you’ve found Fibroid Relief!  Make sure to take advantage of all of our information, tools, and events, and patient support network via our Facebook page.

Remember, when it comes to your health, you are your own best advocate!  I’m sure that Oprah would agree.   😉


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