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It’s About Time…And ‘Ectomies’!

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I was so excited to open the New York Times, Science Section, and find (one of) my favorite authors, Dana Jennings had written another article. In the piece, Dana discussed a book that is now on the book-tour-circuit and whose authors I heard (recently) interviewed on various radio programs. The subject matter  is near-and-dear (especially) to Dana ~~having prostate cancer.
I have been reading, commiserating, empathising and sympathising with Dana’s profound and poignant prostate plight, since (his) day one. Dana’s beautiful heartfelt writings, in transparent vulnerable raw and real descriptive form, have looped and lassoed me into his cancer-coursed world. And, even without having a prostate (myself), I ‘felt’ him, really really ‘felt’ him…his writing is that profound and utterly universal!
But…something happened to me as I was reading his latest article. I started to experience the rumblings of the ‘bit-miffed’ uncomfortable feelings that occur (on cue) when my injustic-radar picks up signals of bias! “Hey…This is not FAIR!” my antenna zap-zap-zapped!
What exactly is going on!? I mean, really!?
For the last 10 (plus) years AND the past 2 years of writing (90 blogs), I have been bringing awareness ~~  shining a super-nova of light on the options (available) to save the beloved uterus, even when a pesky asteroid-like fibroid comes ‘crashing’ in on our uterus-universe!!
But…where’s ‘our’ book? Where is ‘our’ bound pages filled with the uterus-saving stance and ‘its’ absolute importance!? Where is ‘our’ legitimacy!? HUH!?
I want to quote from dear Dana Jennings’ article,” A Rush To Operating Rooms That Alters Men’s Lives”…if I may.
“What if this is all a lie? A dark conspiracy of the global medical-industrial complex?”
“About 200,000 cases of prostate cancer are diagnosed each year in the United States, and the authors say nearly all of them are over treated.”
“Out of 50,000 radical prostatectomies performed every year in the United States alone, more than 40,000 are unnecessary. Most did not need to have their sexuality cut out.”
“And surgery, of course, is most often recommended by surgeons and urologists ~~ who are also surgeons.”
“In my experience, doctors play down punishing side effects like incontinence and impotance.”
SEE…NOW do you understand my disgruntled and uncomfortable bubblings??! BECAUSE, the article and the quotes (about prostatectomies) could easily have been applied (with a ‘book’, too) to uterus-ectomies!! Because my friends, the very same casual ‘ectomies’ are (every single day) happening to women too!!!  But where’s the press? Where are the books? Where are the convention center-filled lectures? Where is the urgency to save the beloved uterus!!?
It is time. It is ‘our’ turn. It is Women’s turn to have all manner of press discussing (so as to end) the needless uterus-ectomies that are performed (to the tune of 17 BILLION$ a year) in the uterus-ridding business!UGH!!
We need our uterus (as much as men need their prostate) so STOP ectomizing these ‘parts’, please!
And can we start right here, right now, to change the nomenclature, please? Let’s, please, call it what it is, a uterus-ectomy…not a hysterectomy (whose root source is from hysterical, forsooth!!!)!!!
The uterus needs to ‘stay put’ for more that just baby-housing and making…even when a fibroid is diagnosed. You need your uterus to keep your immune system in working condition, to keep you from getting heart disease and osteoperosis, and hormone imbalances, and thyroid malfunctions (that ultimately control ‘it all’), and depression (the brain and uterus have a very ‘close-knit’ relationship) and you need your dear uterus for great sex!!
I agree 100% that prostates are extricated very ‘willy-nilly’, but…can YOU agree that uterus-ectomies are also performed too often!??
There are options for treating ferocious fibroids, and non-invasive ones at that!! Focused Ultrasound (in my opinion) is by far the BEST treatment choice for fibroids.
I say, “SAVE OUR UTERUS! SAVE OUR UTERUS!”  And you can start right here by reviewing the treatment choices, on this website……spread the word, please! ♥

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