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Oh!…And One More Reason

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Just when I believed that I could/would NOT write one more blog that pertains to  the endocrine havoc-raising and the perils that the stew of chemicals (that abound in our daily comings-and-goings) have on our bodies…just when I said ‘no more’…I simply must tell you of another (published) study!
One of the key-factors that influence our bodies in producing those ferocious fibroids is obesity. The extra fat in/on our bodies, stores and releases extra estrogen and this can have damaging effects to women AND to men, alike! In fact,  obesity is the pre-cursor to a host of chronic illnesses that can threaten ones health and well-being, forever…it is by no means pretty!
Obesity has been increasing and increasing and increasing around the world, at such an alarming rate,  that it is labeled an epidemic! GLOBESITY, forsooth!!! And ones eating habits or exercising habits (or lack thereof) are not the only contributing factor to ‘globesity’…chemicals in the environment can also induce globesity (obesity)!
According to a growing body (no pun intended) of research, components of plastics, pesticides and flame retardents are now being blamed for ‘globesity’ and are now marked as OBESOGENS!!
There is a new cell test in ‘town’ that can pinpoint the offending compounds that influence ‘globesity (obesity). Using this test, the researchers where able to identify 2 (two) common environmental chemicals that reacted with fat cells. Scientists found that bisphenol A (BPA) and benzyl butyl phthalate (BBP) can modulate the signals controlling:  1). The number of fat cells produced and,  2). The uptake and storage of the fats in those cells!!! Both of these variables (more fat cells and fatter cells) are the reason why we gain weight…and until NOW…there was no easy way to predict if a chemical could alter cell function that might cause globesity (obesity). But, my friends, now there is a newly developed cell line that will be able to screen any number of environmental chemicals. this would mean more testing and stricter regulation of these offensive ‘body-bombs’!!
It turns out that BPA and BBP can actually change the fat metabolism…change it for the worse! 

“Cells called 3T3-L1 cells ~~ which become a fat cell under the right conditions ~~ were exposed to either BPA or BBP. After exposure, fat droplets started to accumulate in the 3T3-L1 cells.”

Oh my goodness gracious, this suggests that these chemicals (BPA & BBP, that we are exposed to everyday) can absolutely induce the developement of …[gulp]…FAT CELLS!!
As I have discussed before, it only takes a small amount of exposure to BPA or BBP to start the endocrine-disrupting wrecking-ball that presents all sorts of havoc to our bodies…FIBROIDS being one!
Avoiding these chemicals can never be 100%, but it can be close enough so that their influence to our balanced-bodies-health may be negligible.
Thankfully the European Union and the United States banned BBP from children’s products. As we are now learning (with the fat cell study,)  adults are equally affected…ie. globesity! My solution ~~ avoid BBP!
And BPA is still up for consideration in several U.S. states, with limited bans passed in Minnesota, Connecticut and Canada…but only pertaining to childrens products. But again, we now know BPA’s affect on all of our fat cells…and it is not good! My solution ~~ avoid BPA!
Go on and live your glorious life without CANS, POLYCARBONATE, PAPERLESS RECEIPTS, and forgeeezlepete, take off your shoes when you enter your home…your fat cells will ‘thankyou’ for it!! ♥

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