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Happy Happy…Ever So Grateful, Too!

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This Tuesday, Nov. 2 (my husband, Dave’s birthday) will mark my third year anniversary after receiving the treatment of focused ultrasound for a ferocious ginormous awful uterine invader…the dreaded f-i-b-r-o-i-d!! I am grateful!

Medical technological advancements (i.e., focused ultrasound) has afforded all of us with options that, merely 10 years ago, were just a dream-in-progress! I am grateful!

Living in ‘these times’ science has afforded all of us (experiencing symptomatic fibroids) with a technique and treatment that is uterus-sparing when a beinign fibroid ‘sets-up-shop’ in a ‘no tresspassing’ area! I am grateful!

In the three years since that glorious ‘treatment’ day, I not only ridded (‘lost’) a fibroid, but I also gained a granddaughter…what a blessed period-of-time. I am grateful!

Since that fate-full fibroid-ablating fall day, of three years ago, ‘the’  focused ultrasound technology has escalated and advanced at time-warped speed…astounding, really. The single-minded dedication that technicians, doctors and scientists have (with regards to focused ultrasound) is remarkable and humbling…I/we are grateful!

In just these three short years of my focused-ultrasound-one-track-mind, there has not been one single day that I haven’t read about focused ultrasound (in some positive capacity) in the ‘news’ with something ‘new’! Grateful, again!

Regarding those hell-bent fiendish fibroids, focused ultrasound has made advancements that are even more effective than when I was treated, only three years ago. The machine (Ex-Ablate) has been enhanced with equipment that is now able to treat larger, bigger, uglier, creepier symptomatic fibroids, than it was able to treat just a mere 150 weeks ago! And, something truly exciting, these dedicated souls that are involved with advancing focused ultrasound for fibroid treatment, are in the midst of developing a ‘scar patch’ to deflect the heat (occurring because of an abdominal scar, ie. from a c-section) when in treatment with HIFU! Very exiting for many many many more women that would like to spare their uterus when opting for a fibroid-ridding treatment, but because of scar tissue were unable to…hooooray for focused ultrasound.

And wait, there’s more! Focused ultrasound is now (in trials) for targeting (ablating) the blood vessels, which are the fibroids ‘feeding’ source, in addition to the ablating of the ferocious fibroid, itself…a double-whammy, indeed!

Three years, just three little-‘ol years is a lifetime in science&technology…focused ultrasound is proof-positive! This NON-invasive ‘surgery’ technique can destroy tumors without making any incisions and all without destroying or even touching any healthy surrounding tissue…focused ultrasound is wonder-full. I am grateful!

Focused ultrasound can be performed on an outpatient basis, requires no incisions or general anesthesia, results in minimal (if any) discomfort and few (if any) complications, and allows for rapid recovery. AND, most importantly, IT WORKS!! For these reasons I chose to spare my utterly beloved uterus…for these reasons I chose focused ultrasound as my treatment option…and for this, I am eternally grateful!!

Happy Birthday to my husband, Dave…Happy Anniversary to me (and the blessed treatment), and Happy Happy Life, may we celebrate Nov. 2 for decades and decades and decades and…♥

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