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Is It…Is It Really?

Posted in Fibroid Relief News

Is it hysteria to scream from the (proverbial) rooftops, just to let you know that every minute, of every hour, of every day, a women is uterus-ectomized for a benign condition like fibroids…is it really?

Is it maniacal to be incensed about the fact;  by the time a women reaches the (lovely) age of 60 years, that 2 out of 3 of her  womanly ‘sisters’ had their uterus’ taken from them…is it really?

Is it lunacy to be cynical towards an industry (gynecologists, hospitals, drug companies) that make$ over 17 billion dollar$ a year participating in the dasterdly business of uterus-ectomies…is it really?

Is it mad-as-a-hatterlike to be outraged that every single women that I know, that was uterus-ectomized, is not at all happy with the life-long damages that this surgery has wrought…is it really?

Is it moonstruck (of me) to want all of you to understand that the uterus is integral to a woman’s well being; providing critical important functions all throughout her life, and that there is no age or time when the uterus is no longer needed…is it really?

Is it crazed (of me) to explain (to you) that the uterus is a hormone responsive reproductive sex organ, and that ectomizing it has life-altering consequences: 3 times greater risk of cardiovascular disease;  loss of structural support for the bowel, bladder and pelvis; more likely to get lung cancer;  likely to gain 25 lbs. within that first year;  profound fatigue;  loss of sexual desire and sensation;  osteoporosis;  chronic constipation and digestive disorders;  frequent urinary tract infections; short-term memory loss;  blunting of emotions, personality changes, irritability and anger; …is it really?

Is it berserk-like (of me) to rant about, and be disheartened by, these statistics:  The average age of a uterus-ectomy (hysterectomy) was 42 years old (merely) a decade ago, and now the average age is 36 years (young)…is it really?

Is it daft (of me) to be shocked that there are no drugs or other treatments that can replace ovarian or uterine hormones or functions ~~ that the loss (of these vital organs) is permanent…is it really?

Is it completely nutso (of me) to be un-nerved that nobody is talking about saving real dollar$ and cents by eliminating (unnecessary) hysterectomies and offering women (less co$tly) treatment choices…is it really?

Is it unrealistic (of me) to be chagrined that the very first option given to women for treating fibroids is a uterus-ectomy (hysterectomy)…is it really?

Is it bats-in-the-belfrylike to be astounded and alarmed that, to date, there are no rules or regulations that demand a doctor to provide a woman with a detailed ‘informed consent’  document (or at the least, a detailed conversation) ~~ supporting her autonomy and preserving her dignity ~~prior to uterus-ectomizing her…is it really?

Is it a bit touched-in-the-head (of me) to be dismayed that nobody views uterus-ectomy as a womens right’s issue and, that at the least, medical ethics should be considered and come into play before altering a women’s well-being for life…is it really?

Is it unhinged (of me) to  believe (with all my heart&soul) that if ALL of the facts and information (and the  life-long consequences) of a uterus-ectomy (hysterectomy)  were presented and given PRIOR to this (barbaric) procedure, that a woman would never choose this option, ha…is it really?

Look, you may call me  maniacal, insane, obssessed, delirious, looney, raving mad, dippy, flipped out, nutty as a jar of almond butter, out of my tree, wacky, touched, zooey, cuckoo, unrealistic etc. etc. etc…why?…because I want women to have every single option when choosing a treatment for those ferocious fibroids…but, am I really???♥

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