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Options Galore!

Posted in Fibroid Relief News

When you speak/write your ‘truth’ in a transparent, vulnerable and raw fashion, you better be prepared for all manner of commented viewpoints…running the gamut from supportive to vehemently opposed! My last week’s blog  illicited an amazing spectrum of responses…frankly, I was a bit shocked and taken-aback. In case you missed that blog…here…

My sincere goal, when I commited to writing a weekly (fibroid-related) posting,  was/is (fundemently) to empower women through educative and informative resources, sooooo  that they will be able to ‘hang’ on to their beloved (and necessary) uterus…even when ‘that’ option was/is not afforded to them (or hidden from them)!!

So last weeks opposing responses, to my ‘anti-hysterectomy-ranting’ blog, was indeed surprising! But I am grateful! I am grateful because, ‘their truth’ and their stories just opened my eyes even wider. And my committment even stronger ~~  treatment options (for symptomatic fibroids) must be more readily available, and everyone (yes everyone) needs to know that there are options, and that they exist!! 
I know (only too well) that there are women that feel/felt as if they were at an end-point; that they could/would not suffer one more day; that their symptomatic fibroids were no longer a livable life or viable ‘option’ anymore ~~ just get rid of the ‘diseased organ’; get rid of the problem; get rid of the uterus ~~ [sigh], I ‘get it’!!!  Oh boy do I understand this all too well, as 10 years of dealing with an ugly ferocious fibroid (almost) brought me to that point, too!! Soooo, I ‘get it’!!

But…I still believe, in my heart&soul, that it is sheer barbarism (barbaric) to oust such a vital and integral organ from  a woman’s body, ONLY because a (benign) fibroid (albeit, a symptomatic one) exists. My intensions are pure ~~  I mean no harm~~ I (simply) wish to educate women and give them the tools to seek a less (life-long) traumatic end!! And with that goal in mind,  I present to you wonderful options for treating those horrible no-good awful fiendish fibroids!

♥Myomectomy ~~the fibroids are surgically excised from the uterus, leaving the (vital organ) in ‘place’.
♥Uterine Artery Embolization ~~ the fibroids are deadened by blocking their blood supply (using tiny pellets) that ‘plug-up’ their nutrient supply. No blood; they die.
♥Radiofrequency Ablation ~~ the fibroids are ‘killed’ with a needle electrode that penetrates and burns the offending fibroid(s). A laproscopic camera and an intra-abdominal ultrasound probe are also used with this treatment.
♥Hormone Therapy ~~ a drug is given to surpress hormone production; putting one in a temporary menopause, thus shrinking the symptomatic fibroid(s).
♥Focused Ultrasound ~~ focused ultrasound waves,  heat and destroy the fibroid tissue (leaving all surrounding tissue intact). During the treatment (in ‘real-time’) MRI images are used to guide this NON-invasive treatment. I love this option; it works and it is NON-invasive!
♥Watchful-waiting (I call it, ‘active surveillance’) ~~ getting diagnosed with a fibroid, and trying to live as ‘clean&green’ a lifestyle as possible, hopefully not awaking the ‘sleeping giants’ (fibroids) from their asymptomatic ‘nap’! It may not be 100% effective, but it can’t hurt!

All of these options are available today, in 2010…all of these can preserve your much-needed uterus. In this website ( there is a full page dedicated to your treatment choices. Take this info to your doctor. Discuss all of your options with her/him. you deserve what belongs to you…your beloved uterus!! ♥

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