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Study Shows Fibroid Treatments Improve Quality of Life

Posted in Fibroid Relief News

A new study shows that fibroid treatments — particularly minimally and non-invasive options — can help improve a woman’s quality of life. Of course those of you who suffer from fibroids don’t need a study to tell you that your life would be better without fibroids, but the study results are important because they show that the minimally invasive uterine fibroid embolization (UFE) and the non-invasive MR-guided focused ultrasound (MRgFUS) can potentially increase a woman’s quality of life even more than a hysterectomy. This is good news in terms of getting the word out to doctors and insurance companies that women want options other than a hysterectomy.

At Fibroid Relief, we feel strongly that women should be educated about their options to make an informed decision regarding their health. In fact, we recently updated our comprehensive treatment options chart with help from members of the Fibroid Relief Advisory Board. We want to make sure that the information on the treatments discussed is timely and useful to you in your decision making process. You can use this chart to see how MRgFUS and UFE, discussed in the recent study, compare with other treatment options you may be considering. 

Quality of life information from this study will be incorporated into our next treatment options chart update, providing you with a more comprehensive and different approach to considering various treatment options for your uterine fibroids. 

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