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New Website Raises Fibroid Awareness and Promotes Advocacy

Posted in Fibroid Relief News

“Nope, shouldn’t be a problem.” Those are the words ringing in my ears every time I have a pain that starts in my abdomen and courses down my thigh. Those are the words I hear with each trip to the bathroom because I am terrified that I am going to find blood in my underwear. Maybe it shouldn’t have been the problem it became, but how could my gynecologist predict all that would transpire? Almost three years after I was diagnosed with uterine fibroids, a pregnancy marred with complications would prove him wrong.

After my son was born 14 weeks premature due to a placental abruption caused by an 11cm fibroid, my husband and I found ourselves desperately searching for any resources and support to no avail. One of the only sites we found that was informative and a comfort to us was Fibroid Relief. While we were fumbling through other sites for answers and wading through unreliable information, so many of our family, friends, neighbors and even strangers reached out to us with their own questions and concerns. With so many people wanting to learn about our experience, and frustrated at the few resources available, I began to believe sharing our story would offer what we were searching for ourselves. That’s when the idea of His Middle Name became a palpable reality.

His Middle Name has been started with the hopes of creating a sense of community among parents of premature children and women who have experienced pregnancy complications. By sharing my own personal experience with fibroids and the subsequent premature birth of my son, His Middle Name is dedicated to providing advocacy and gynecologic health information while steadily featuring education and awareness initiatives on the blog. By partnering with Fibroid Relief in such a simple and honest way, it allows His Middle Name to go to that next level and reach more women from a larger platform. Most importantly, I would like to think of His Middle Name as a source of inspiration and hope for the many women and parents I created the website for. For more information, please visit our web site and our Facebook page.

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