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Woman Treated with MRg-FUS Is Mother of Healthy Baby

Posted in Fibroid Relief News

We ran a patient story about a woman named Frances on our web site in February 2009. Several years prior, Frances had been diagnosed with three uterine fibroids and was offered the options of hysterectomy or uterine fibroid embolization (UFE) by her doctor.

While these options may be fine choices for many women, Frances decided to do some research and find out about non-invasive options. She chose MR-guided focused ultrasound (MRg-FUS) and was very satisfied with the way it reduced the size of her fibroids and eliminated the symptoms they were causing. After the treatment, she no longer had abdominal pressure, painful intercourse and heavy periods.

To give you an update on her status, there was another positive outcome from her treatment. Frances was able to get pregnant and not worry about the fibroids interfering. (Focused ultrasound is approved for women who want to retain fertility, but they must consult with a physician about their particular circumstances.)

Frances gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Faryn, in August of 2010. Frances learned about focused ultrasound through the Fibroid Relief website and was inspired by a story of a women who had been treated with MRg-FUS and had gone on to have a baby. We wish Frances and Faryn all the best and hope that her story will inspire other women to pursue non-invasive treatment and hold on to their hopes of having a child.

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