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Fibroid Relief Launches New Web Site

Posted in Fibroid Relief News

At Fibroid Relief, we are excited to share our new web site with you. We anticipate that the revamped presentation will help us reach even more women with valuable information about fibroids and the available treatment options.

The new site features a more accessible layout to help you get your hands on the details about the different treatment options available – from the more traditional hysterectomy to the new non-invasive focused ultrasound and everything in between. Also, extensive background on fibroids – including their causes and symptoms – can be found easily.

In addition to the “Fibroid Relief News” and “Fibroids in the News” blog sections that we are continuing from the previous site, we’ve created a special blog section specifically for guest bloggers. Though we have had patient advocates generate many blog posts in the past, we hope this new section will not only continue to allow patients to share their voices but will create a venue for doctors and researchers to post on our site as well.

Another exciting new feature is the Share Your Story section, which makes it easy for you to contribute your personal story of dealing with fibroids. We have heard from so many women that one of the most important forms of support they can receive is to hear that they are not alone in their struggles with fibroids. So, if you are comfortable with doing so, please share your story.

The feature that we are perhaps most thrilled about is the new Educational Video Series, which is discussed in detail in this post.

We hope you will be as excited about the new web site as we are. Please look around for yourself, and feel free to share pages, blogs, or videos with friends and family who may benefit from the information. 



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