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Posted in Fibroid Relief News

By Hilary Beard

At 26 Tasha Mitchell stopped taking birth control pills to get a break from the side effects she had been enduring since her teens. “I just wanted to get off it once and for all,” she says. “I just wanted to be natural.” But two to three months after Tasha stopped, her menstrual cycle failed to normalize. Her period became very heavy and lasted for two weeks, and she experienced spotting between cycles. Her gynecologist encouraged her to stay on the Pill to regulate her flow, but Tasha was adamant about ditching her prescription. For six weeks she saw an acupuncturist, who improved her cycle somewhat but then sent her back to the doctor to find out if she had uterine fibroids, benign knots of muscle tissue that can grow just within, on or outside the uterus and normally occur during a woman’s child bearing years.

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