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More Than One Option When Fighting Fibroid Tumors – KY3

Posted in Fibroid Relief News

Pilates studio owner Tonya Amos needs her body to run her business.  But the former professional dancer started feeling intense pain. A visit to her doctor revealed the cause.  Tonya had several fibroids – one of them as large as a grapefruit.

She said she heard over and over was she needed a hysterectomy.  She said that wasn’t an option for her.  Doctor Vanessa Jacoby is studying new ways to shrink fibroids – without major surgery.

With M-R Guided Focused Ultrasound, an ultrasound beam focuses on the fibroid and creates heat, burning the fibroid cells and destroying them. 

Another method – laparoscopic radiofrequency ablation – requires three tiny incisions. A probe is placed in the fibroid.  Radiofrequency energy is used to burn the fibroid cells. 

With a hysterectomy, there’s a three to six week recovery.  The ultrasound therapy is just two days. And the ablation – about a week. Tonya had the ultrasound treatment. It shrunk her fibroids.   And she says it feels like she has her body back again.

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