Frances’ Choice – Focused Ultrasound

It is so important for a woman to have a voice.

When I first learned that I had uterine fibroids I kept it to myself. I thought I was the only one, and that was not a cool feeling, so you have to discuss it with your family, with your friends. Just myself I didn’t know my sister had fibroids, my close friends had fibroids. You must, you have to, take it from me, I cried for two to three days by myself before I even talked about. Once I let it be known I had fibroids, it was like a whirlwind, every door opened up, people opened up to me and said hey, you’re not the only one out there. I have fibroids too.

I actually first found out that I had fibroids from my physician, however prior to that I did have symptoms.  I had symptoms of a pressure in my abdomen, painful intercourse, as well as heavy and painful periods. When I went into the physician’s office she did an ultrasound and let me know I had three fibroids.  One that was the size of a golf ball, one the size of an apricot and one the size of a grapefruit. She told me my only options were hysterectomy or Uterine embolization and I refused to do either or. And that was the bottom line. I decided there were other options out there and of course myself being in the medical field, I did research.

I first started off with acupuncture. It was very healing. I also did herbal therapy which was actually really nice but it didn’t actually get rid of the fibroids, it just helped with more of the symptoms. Then I looked into Focused Ultrasound. I wanted to be 80-90% symptom free and that’s what Focused Ultrasound did for me.

After having Focused Ultrasound it was life changing. You can tell such a difference. Actually my abdomen went down as soon as I had the procedure, so that was very cool. I was back to work within three days, I was working out in three to four days so that was wonderful. I have lighter periods, no pain, intercourse is wonderful and no pressure on my abdomen. I’m back to a sense of just being normal, being a full woman, I don’t have any concerns and it’s just great.