Shirley’s Choice – Focused Ultrasound

I first discovered I had fibroids during a routine screening for Ovarian cancer. I was told they were nothing to worry about, however I soon started having issues with constipation and bladder retention.

I ultimately went to St. Mary’s for advice. The treatment options I was offered was either a total abdominal hysterectomy or shooting pellets into the arteries inside my thighs (Uterine Artery Embolisation) or do nothing.

I found out about Focused Ultrasound purely by accident through an alternative consultant but she didnt know much about it so I had to find out more about it myself. I ended up picking that option because it sounded the nicest! It was non-invasive and sounded ideal.After I had the treatment, initially, it was marvellous. It was completely non painful and I really didnt suffer any after effects or side effects at all.

I would suggest women find out every option that is available!