Titilayo's Choice

I had heavy bleeding, frequent urination, a bulky stomach, and cramping. My bleeding is sometimes so heavy that I can’t go out. I go through 10-15 pads in a day. It is so uncomfortable. I have tried everything you can imagine because I’ve had my fibroids for 15 years but none of them have really worked. They just make you feel like you’re doing something but at the end of the day its not really much of a relief.

People advertise all sorts of “Fibroid Cures”. I’ve tried all of the herbs that you can imagine and they worked for a little while, but it’s very expensive because you have to keep on going. You cant really stop taking them.

The only way I got to know about Focused Ultrasound was because I was at a trade fair in China and I saw the machine on display. I wondered when it was going to go into circulation. I just stumbled on fibroid treatment and I came upon Fibroid Relief’s website. I started researching and talking to Doctors. I heard about the clinical trials and so I called the hospital and I spoke with someone and gave them my email address. They have been emailing me since then…but even my GP doesn’t really know anything about it. I tried to talk to him about it but he doesn’t really know what’s going on.

I was scheduled for surgery in October but I decided I needed to find out all of my options first. I decided I needed to come here first before I subjected myself to the knife and see if there was a better option for me.