Wendy's Choice – Focused Ultrasound

This is a true story with a happy ending…A story that may help tens of thousands of women.

Women must become aware that there is a fantastic choice other than the barbaric option of hysterectomy…A huge fibroid was shrunk (ablated) with my uterus left in tact!!!

What the?!?!?

Yes, that is me at 50 years old…with five years under my belt (so-to-speak) of fibroid growth!  What the???

What a journey it has been ~

As a Peri-menopausal 45 year old, a walnut-sized fibroid was discovered. As I searched for a doctor (7 in total) that would offer me something other than a hysterectomy, the benign fibroid proceeded to grow and grow…

Literally, years passed and the fibroid grew to the size of a 6 month fetus. Through my research and technology catching up to my condition, I had a NON-invasive procedure that could preserve my uterus…Focused Ultrasound…

Yes, that’s me, at 55 years….Yes, I have my uterus (ah, persistence) and the fibroid was ablated. Using an Focused Ultrasound, the fibroid (and only the fibroid) was heated to ablation. I walked out of the treatment and immediately had my life back…immediately!

Subsequently…I can now participate in life. To tend to…My gardens with hundreds of orchids and 26 years of hand-pruning and planting. To tend to my house, to tend to My Family.

An ordinary life saved…