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Alternatives to Hysterectomy

Alternatives to Hysterectomy: MRI-Guided Focused Ultrasound Surgery for Uterine Fibroids -Michael E. Toaff, MD, MSc

Alternatives to Hysterectomy: Sub-heading of Myomectomy for Uterine Fibroids (also includes information on alternatives) – Michael E. Toaff, MD, MSc

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Global Library of Women’s Medicine

Heal Fibroids Naturally

Highly Effective, Widely Available Interventional Radiology Treatment Often Replaces Need for Hysterectomy. Society of Interventional Radiology website. 2008.

HOPPS Proposed 2008 Rule (PDF)

Hysterectomy Association

Information for Employers (PDF – Spanish)

Information for Payers (PDF)

Insurance Coverage for MR guided Focused Ultrasound Surgery

Magnetic Resonance-Guided Focused Ultrasound Therapy for Symptomatic Uterine Fibroids. Blue Cross Blue Shield Technology Evaluation Center. Assessment Program, Volume 20, No. 10, October 2005.

Management of Uterine Fibroids. Evidence Report/Technology Assessment: Number 34. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. January 2001.

National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, NIH, DHHS (2005)  Uterine Fibroids. (05-7103). (PDF)

NHS Evidence

Patient Pamphlet (PDF – Spanish)

Patient Pre-authorization Guide (PDF – Spanish)

Physician’s Guide (PDF – Spanish)

Status of Research on Uterine Fibroids (leiomyomata uteri) at the National Institutes of Health. Compiled by the Office of Research on Women’s Health, NIH, DHHS. March 2006 (PDF)

Uterine fibroids and hysterectomy. University of Maryland patient education site. 2007

Women’s Health Information

Women’s Health – What is MRgFUS and What is its role in the management of fibroids?

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BBC Health

Center for Uterine Fibroids

Fibroid Network

Fibroids UK


Patient UK

Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Wellbeing of Women

Women’s Health Issues

Women’s Health Zone

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