September 2011 Newsletter

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Newsletter September 2011

Dear (Contact First Name),


The big news this issue is the launching of Fibroid Relief’s renovated web site. We think you will find the format to be more user-friendly and hope you will appreciate the depth of information available in our new Educational Video Series. Most of all, we hope that all of it will benefit you as you seek information about fibroids and your available treatment options.


Also in this issue are two exciting stories from outside Fibroid Relief. First, researchers at Duke University and Mayo Clinic are recruiting patients for a clinical trial designed to generate more data on non-surgical treatment options for fibroids. If you qualify, you may receive MR-guided focused ultrasound (MRgFUS) or uterine artery embolization (UAE) free of charge and also be able to help the medical community to learn more about the outcomes for these newer options. Second, researchers at the University of Helsinki believe they may have found a genetic cause of fibroids — which could possibly lead to future development of targeted fibroid therapies.
All of these developments are good news for the “world of fibroids.”


While we’re especially excited about the new web site, these changes have been made in the hope of better assisting our community — so we want to hear what you think! Please offer your thoughts on the site, and if you think the information can help a friend, colleague or loved one, please share it. We believe knowledge is the key to better care and want to aid in this process for each and every fibroid sufferer.

All the Best,

The Fibroid Relief Team


What's New


Fibroid Relief Launches New Web Site
Our revamped site makes it easier for you to learn more about fibroids and the available treatment options.


Educational Video Series Offered on Web Site
These videos help to illuminate details about fibroids and treatment approaches for them.


Study That Compares Minimally Invasive Treatments Is Recruiting
Participating in this study is an opportunity to receive a minimally invasive treatment for fibroids and contribute to the knowledge base about these newer options.

Have Scientists Found a Genetic Cause of Fibroids?

Researchers at the University of Helsinki have pinpointed a gene mutation that occurs at high frequency in fibroids, leading to the possibility of targeted therapies for fibroids.


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Fibroid Relief thanks you for your interest in this topic and dedication to our cause.


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